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blacklist Casino X Review - Blacklisted!

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Casino X fraud history since 2013


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I joined this casino at the weekend, and made a few deposits, and played for a few hours,met all the playthrough requirements, and made a withrawal request, but they have not issued the payment as yet and it looks like it is unlikely that I will get my winnings. I sent the required documents, twice, and they still wont release my winnings.I have played many casinos online, and this ranks with the worst, and the complaint mechanism they have is useless. Stay away and save your money. As usual, they are willing to take the deposits quickly enough, but if you are lucky enough to win, they use every trick they can tostop you getting any money owed to you.

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It is necessary to check the casino in Google before the deposit! :1:

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First of all sorry for my english, because russian is my native language.

Casino X broke his own terms and conditions and blocked my account with 2736$ on board. Administration said that there will be no withdraw to me.

The reason is very: I broke the rule number 4.4

4.4. The Company does not permit accounts to be opened by, or make any deposits nor used from, customers located or domiciled in United States of America, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey, Portugal, Germany. This list of jurisdictions may be changed by the Company from time to time with or without notice. You agree that you are not allowed to open an account, nor attempt to use Your Account, if you are based in this (these) jurisdiction (-s).

I live at Sevastopol, Crimea. Account I created 19 may 2013, when all Ukrainian players were allowed to play there. For this period I wasn't blocked or frozen at this casino. I didn't receive any warnings or something else like that. My account is fully verified with passport, utility bills, telephone, all personal data.

Crimea became Russian region after 18 march 2014. And I continued playing at this casino after that and still didn't have any warnings or prohibitions from this casino. The most active playing period was from September 2016 till December 2016, when they blocked me. At this period I sent them my new telephone number started +7978 (MTS Russia at Crimea), my Russian passport with full address, Russian utility bill. I made deposits from such payment like Webmoney, Yandex money, Qiwi wallet, which is prohibited at Ukraine and from Ecopayz - UK payment system registered at my Russian passport (about a year ago). I received withdraws at Qiwi wallet and Yandex money which is fully verified by Russian documents and cannot be used at Ukraine. But when I accumulated a very good balance 2736$ at my account - they blocked my with such reason and took all my money away! Administration said that there will be no refund, because rule 4.4. AT other questions they ignore me and answered only with copy-paste letters like "we understand bla-bla-bla but no money bla-bla-bla".

To prevent any questions about balance I will answer why 2736$:

Main balance 1374

Account status Dark Knight (maximum at this casino) with about 2432 points = 304$

Prize 1000 euro for tournament (at that moment 1075 bucks) with x3 wager, which is (if we take average slot RTP 96%) equal 946 $. 1075*3=3225; 3225 * 4=129; 1075 - 129 = 946.

And +112 $ which they didn't pay me for Yggdrasil gaming christmas calendar where I won 1500 euro heading the first place at tournament Dec 5: Mystery Win TOURNAMENT. My player ID there is [REMOVE]64788 cw[REMOVE]. Casino X paid only 1500$ for it.


So we have 1374 main + 304 nowager points + 946 from tournament + 112 from Yggdrasil = 2736$


After some conversation manager agreed, that they confiscated money because my account had positive balance. Mutual accommodation was ignored.


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Hello, I am a person named [EDIT].

I often play Casino X.

I applied for payment of 40,000 yen from the casino yesterday night to the Eco Pazz.

Withdrawal is usually reflected in less than an hour, but yesterday was not reflected even when it passed. I got an answer "I will reflect it within 24 hours" when I contact support, but it will not be reflected even after 24 hours.

When I contacted the eco-petition, "The deal number of the casino is meaningless and can not be confirmed" was the answer.

The support of Casino X does not answer when it only reflects "to investigate the cause" when it reflects. Online casinos in Japan are not very popular, so the country does not move, but is it also the online casino in your country?

In Japan, we will not take such measures if we think customer first.

When will my money be transferred

I do not think that you can hear the voice of Japanese citizens, but please do not forget that someone is in trouble with the casino you manage.


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